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NAA LIUU is Zapoteco (the indigenous language of Oaxaca’s Central Valley) for “being at ease, refreshed, and content with the company you keep.” It is a remarkable expression that celebrates the comfort one holds with oneself while feeling happiness with one’s surroundings.


Since 2013, Mezcal NAA LIUU has worked with three families in Oaxaca in order to best represent the truly traditional art that is mezcal. Our project works to promote artisanal methods of production with a focus on protecting mezcal’s rich heritage and history. To this end, Mezcal NAA LIUU dedicates itself exclusively to small batches, a family-oriented mezcal production, with a refined quality that reflects mezcal’s sagacious wisdom and craft. 


Shaped by the history and traditions of the region, Mezcal NAA LIUU embodies the very characteristics of the land where the mezcal is made. With every sip, you can taste the maguey, feel the climate, and sense the draft of the local spring water. Did it rain during the harvest? A true mezcal will tell you the answer.


We are proud to hold our mezcal to the same standards as the other local, mezcal communities. Because we know the local people to be the best judge of mezcal, we vow to never stray from the traditional palate that is approved and celebrated by the local people who have long enjoyed its flavors.

NAA LIUU invites you to experience mezcal. With every bottle, we promise to bring you on an intimate journey of knowledge, history, palatal extravagance and contentment. Each bottle introduces you to our master mezcaleros, and to their methods and craftsmanship. Each sip shares the secrets of the earth and rain.  It will be a journey from which you can only return more content, happy and smiling.

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